Artificial Intelligence Reservation Process

Present a New Travel Trend


In recent travel trends, the travel industry is
emerging as a trend due to the development of various technologies
such as AI, IoT, AR, VR, and blockchain, as well as platform economy.

AIPRO provides a service that shares unique travel product sales and
travel experiences beyond the original competitiveness of travel agencies
through travel information extracted by combining big data technology
and artificial intelligence technology of blockchain according
to travel platform changes and social changes.


Travel Information Registration System

Travel information registration registers information about travelers ' experiences, itinerary routes, travel tips, and total cost, and the collected information is collected on the platform, which identifies travelers' NEEDS, WANTS, and recommends related travel information

Travel information sales

Information collected through the platform can be sold by recommending travel information to other travelers by artificial intelligence. In addition, high-volume travel information can be organized as separate travel packages, and when these travel packages are sold on the platform, the registrant of the information can receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale

OTA Service

The online travel agency service will make all travel-related services, including various travel packages, hotels, pensions, airlines, and rental cars available at reasonable cost

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AIPRO Economy

Operational plan for AIPRO platform operations and services related to development and travel.

Token Name : AIPRO

SymBol : AIPRO

Protocol : ERC-20

  • Early Investor 10 %
  • Advisor & Team 10%
  • Partner 10 %
  • Marketing 15 %
  • Token Sale 15 %
  • Reserves 15 %
  • Rewards 25 %
  • Total Supply : 500,000,000



Q3 AIPRO Establish a Foundation

Q4 Whitepaper completed


Q1 AIPRO Wallet Development Starts

Q2 AIPRO Design and development of platform and artificial intelligence services

Q3 AIPRO Wallet completed

Q4 Listed on Global Exchange


Q1 AIPRO Completed development of platform and artificial intelligence service

Q2 Expansion of global partnership agreements

Q3 AI Tech 2023 Participate in the conference

Q4 AIPRO Platform expansion and mainnet design

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